A Collaborative

Attune Deeply. Lead Consciously. Play Collaboratively.

You know that the time of top-down leadership models is over and the time of co-leadership is here.

But you’re struggling.

You’ve embraced a collaborative culture but now you face other challenges. Communication breakdowns. Slow decision-making. Uneven levels of commitment.

You’re this close to taking your organization to the next level of productivity and financial success, but to do that you need to learn how to co-lead effectively and teach your team how to truly work together as a we.

As a leadership mentor, musician, and former Fortune 100 executive, I can guide you and your team to adopt practices used by musical ensembles to achieve peak performance together, or what musicians call COLLECTIVE VIRTUOSITY.

Integrating these signature collaborative techniques will increase your organization’s ability to

  • Attune deeply to each other’s flow and rhythm
  • Communicate, negotiate, and co-create with multiple personalities
  • Improvise in real-time
  • Practice, learn, and perfect collaboratively
  • Become a self-managing team where everyone has a responsibility to lead and follow

With time and practice, your organization will shift from being off-rhythm to in-tempo.


Feeling confused about how to be an effective collaborative leader? Invest in leadership coaching for yourself and discover your personal rhythm.


Grow your staff’s ability to self-manage and play collaboratively with group coaching, team facilitation, workshops, and custom consulting programs.

“Dorianne is one of the best organizational development consultants I know. Her vision for team structure led to better processes for team collaboration that increased productivity and created a more balanced work environment. She has a way of defining the end goal so that everyone knows their part and feels good about helping each other to achieve success.”

Lelah Jenkins, former SVP, Business Technology Executive, Bank of America


I am a veteran organizational consultant, former C‐level executive of a Fortune 100 company division, and a professionally trained violinist who synthesizes the practices of successful musical ensembles with business acumen to help you and your company achieve peak performance.