Creating the Collaborative Organization

Are you frustrated with the dysfunction and chaos happening in your organization even though you’ve adopted a more collaborative organizational structure?
Are you struggling with how to be a collaborative leader, or how to align your personal mission with your company’s?

When you adopt the practices of ensemble musicians and attune to your individual and group rhythm and flow, you and your team will move from chaos to collaboration, discord to harmony, and off-rhythm to in-tempo. As you work more in synchrony with each other, your organization’s productivity, team synergy, employee satisfaction, 360-degree communication, and mission alignment will increase.

Just as it takes years of practice to become a professional musician, it takes time to achieve collective virtuosity. Invest in leadership development and collaborative skills for you and your team now to build a solid foundation for future growth.


Discover your tempo as a leader with individual leadership coaching. Learn how to be a collaborative leader, instead of a conductor.


Grow your organization or team’s ability to work in concert with group coaching, team facilitation, workshops, and custom consulting.


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