Collaborative Leadership Coaching

Attune Deeply, Lead Consciously

When you are pulled in so many directions that you don’t have time to personally reflect, or really listen to your team, you’re likely to encounter project scope creep, missteps, misunderstandings, and reduced productivity.

However, when you attune deeply to your own rhythm and vision, the positive effects will ripple out to your team. You’ll notice an increase in motivation, engagement, alignment, and productivity.

Discover Your Tempo

Over a span of 3-6 months, you’ll learn how to listen to your needs and the needs of your team by discovering and using your PQ (Physical Intelligence), EQ (Emotional Intelligence), and Social Intelligence.

Program includes:

  • ESCI (Emotional and Social Competence Inventory) 360 Assessment
  • DiSC® (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness) Leadership Assessment
  • Six 60-75 minute virtual coaching sessions

Be the Composer of Your Life

Designed as a complement to Discover Your Tempo, these two in-person intensive days will help you identify and align your personal mission, vision, and key goals with those of the organization.

Program includes:

  • Individual Passion and Purpose Day
  • Leader Vision Day

Master the Score

Recommended for leaders who have completed Discover Your Tempo and Be the Composer of Your Life, during this 3-4 month program, you’ll learn how to apply the 21 skills of Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) to your work.

Program includes:

  • SQ21™ Spiritual Intelligence assessment
  • Five 60-75 minute virtual coaching sessions

Express the Music

Ongoing coaching for leaders who have completed Discover Your Tempo, Be the Composer of Your Life and/or Master the Score.

“Dorianne’s executive leadership coaching was pivotal to redefining the vision and mission of our corporation. Learning how to be collaborative leaders has increased our profits and sales, and streamlined our processes. Investing in learning the art of working in concert has been both an excellent foundation and a springboard for our growing company.”

Mary DiVincenzo, Vice President, Global Power Products

“Dorianne is a compassionate coach who truly listens. She has the unique combination of business experience and an ability to coach you towards your aspirations and needs. Her coaching has taking my leadership to a higher and more conscious level using deep self-reflection, clear development goals, and practical tools.”

Nathalie Holmén, Medical Manager Nordic, Immunology, UCB

Get in tune with your vision, passion, and purpose as a leader.

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