Cutting-Edge Resources for Collaborative Leaders

Dive deep into the theory and practice of authentic and collaborative leadership with these books.

Authentic Leadership and Followership: International Perspectives
Editor, Dorianne Cotter-Lockard

This book explores the follower perspective of authentic leadership around the world. Topics include leader self-awareness, gender, psychological capital, embodied leadership and followership, and unethical conduct. Foreword by William L. Gardner, one of the original scholars of authentic leadership.

Expressions of Phenomenological Research: Consciousness and Lifeworld Studies
Editors, David Rehorick and Valerie Bent
Cotter-Lockard’s chapter, “Studying Collaboration Among Chamber Musicians: Phenomenological Inspirations and Insights,” provides insight into how the Cavani String Quartet taught advanced music students to work together in chamber music ensembles. During her research with classical chamber musicians, Cotter-Lockard observed how they learned to embody awareness, mirror gestures, entrain energies, and enter into a mutual tuning-in process which ultimately helped them to form a “We Presence.”

Handbook of Personal and Organizational Transformation
Editor, Judi Neal
Cotter-Lockard’s chapter, “Collective Virtuosity: Lessons in Personal and Small Group Transformation from Classical Chamber Musicians,” examines how chamber musicians use embodied awareness and reflexivity to enable personal and small group transformation. The chapter includes a model and discussion of how these concepts can be applied to organizational work groups.


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